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President's Message September 2017

I write this note from a hotel room in Melbourne. There’s a lot going on around here – I’ll be keen to see it when it’s finished.


The people I met with yesterday (a community group interested in urban agriculture – one of my fields of research) mentioned that many of the high-rise apartment blocks in the city are half-empty, while we passed multiple sites that were scheduled to be demolished to “make way for more housing”. Weird.


September 22 2017

SPA Newsletter 129 - Sept 2017

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Bob Kinnaird on the visa reset
Jenny Goldie book review
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Treasurer’s report to the AGM
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Did you know?

Australia’s population

Our nation adds one person every 1 minute and 22 seconds, needing equivalent of a new city the size of Canberra each year.

Ecological limits

Humanity is now using the biocapacity of 1½ planets each year. By 2025 two-thirds of the world’s people may be under water stress.

Family planning and women’s empowerment

Over 40% of pregnancies are unintended. Early marriage, low education and no contraception trap women and families in a poverty cycle.

Global population

Over 80 million people are added each year – equivalent to an extra Egypt. Since 2000 the growth has rebounded due to neglect of family planning.

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This video many of the costs that come with Melbourne's population growth.

Melbourne's Growing Pains

Rod Quantock at his funny best uses his humour to tackle the important matter of too many people, the environmental and social costs of too many people. You will be both informed and amused by this brilliant presentation.

Rod Quantock SPA AGM 2016